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    Garden Shed Construction

    As you are probably aware, you can get garden sheds in all different shapes. In fact, you could design one yourself if you wanted! Below we'll explore the main types of garden shed contruction.

    Garden Shed Construction

    However, one thing which many people fail to consider is how the shed is actually constructed. This is incredibly important as not only will it have a bearing on the cost of the garden shed, but also on the durability. Let's take a look at a few of the different construction types which are available to people when they are building a shed, or even purchasing one.

    Overlap Sheds

    Overlap Shed

    Overlap Sheds are by far one of the most popular of the shed construction types. This is because they are incredibly easy to put together and they are also considerably less expensive than any alternative type of shed that you can purchase.

    Overlap Sheds are created when timber boards are roughly sawn and nailed securely to the vertical uprights of the shed. This overlapping method allows the timber to shrink and expand easily. This keeps the shed standing as naturally over the year the timber will do this, and this method will stop it warping. As they are overlapped they will also attempt to keep water away when it rains. However, what you need to bear in mind is that the shed will not be sealed. This means that both moisture and draughts are prone to getting in and making life a bit uncomfortable for you. This is the most popular shed for garden storage but if you are planning a shed construction which is meant for use as a hobby or simply just relaxing then you may prefer the tongue and groove method. It may be a little more expensive, but the extra cost will more than pay for itself.

    Tongue & Groove Sheds

    Tongue and Groove Shed

    This type of construction is generally preferred if you are using a large shed as a garden workshop or for some over type of hobby. These are made using a tongue and groove construction. This is mething which should be familiar to all of you carpenters out there! They are often known as 'Shiplap' sheds. They are made with much thicker boards than overlap which only uses 8mm compared to the 12mm here. The boards are interlocked in a tongue and groove manner which stops there being any gaps. As you can probably guess this provides a lot of extra protection from the rain and those draughts. The thicker boards mean that they won't 'change' so much during the poor weather, which is always going to be a plus point. Of course, these types of shed take a lot longer to construct and are more expensive. It is worth it though!

    Overlap-Matching Sheds

    The final type of shed I wish to discuss is a hybrid of the previous two types. Again, it uses 12mm board which is smooth planed, like the tongue and groove. This time they are interlocked in the same way, but they are overlapping slightly which means they don't warp as much throughout the seasons. This is by far the most difficult of the three to build, but there are so many benefits that if you are creating a 'premium build' you will want to use this.

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