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    I don't know about you, but when I was a child, I absolutely craved a wooden playhouse. In fact, not a day past by in which I dreamed of the plethora of wooden playhouses that could be installed into my garden. I never got one of course, but I know that if I received one, it would be a very special day. Thankfully for parents nowadays, wooden playhouses are cheaper than they have ever been, particularly if you build one yourself. Let's take a little look at what they are all about.

    Wooden Playhouse Firstly, what are the benefits of wooden playhouses? Well, in my opinion, children need a place to escape every so often. After all, they need to get away from their parents from time to time! Of course, they could always run up to their bedroom, but this is never completely out of the way. A playhouse is though, it is something completely away from everything, a space in which the child can call their own. In fact, you will be surprised at just how many children spend the majority of their time decorating the playhouse.

    In addition to this, wooden playhouses tend to promote imagination, something which is of course incredibly important in young children. There are plenty of games that they can play inside of one, and of course, playing in these is incredibly fun. Put one of these in your garden and your child will find that a lot of their time is occupied. That certainly is one way to get them away from those pesky games consoles right?

    As I mentioned previously, wooden playhouses are cheaper than they have ever been. This is because you have a couple of options at your disposal. The first is purchasing a ready-built playhouse. All you really need to do is clip these together and you are ready to go. You can pick these up from almost any decent toy retailer nowadays. In addition to this, access to the internet ensures that you have a plethora of plans available for wooden playhouses. This means that with the right materials and tools you are able to build your own without too much effort! Trust me, it is far easier than you may think!

    Wooden Playhouse There are plenty of different styles of playhouse out there, so make sure you choose the right one for your child and of course your budget. Some of the most popular wooden playhouses at the moment are 'two storey' ones. Although if you can't afford these, do not fret, the single story ones offer just as much space, and of course, they are just as fun! I suggest that you get your child involved in the decision making process, that way you end up with something that you know they are going to love!

    Why not look into the idea of wooden playhouses today? I promise you, there is one out there to suit every budget, and if you put one of these in your garden, then your child will never want to come inside again!

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